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Calendar of Programs for July 2017

July 1: All Day Fasting and Prayers - All Churches July 02 - 08: Music Week - All Churches July 15: Reach The World: Media Ministry - All Curches July 22: Children's Sabbath - - - All...

Calendar of Events For The Year 2017

Calendar of Programs for February 2017 Feb 4: All Day Fasting – all churches Feb 4: Bible Sabbath Launch – all churches Feb 11: Health Ministry Sabbath. – all churches Feb 12 – 18 : Christian Home...

April 18 – 23: Singing Band Convention

The Meridian Ghana Conference will hold a Singing Band Convention at Nkawkaw from 18th to 23rd April, 2017.

April 22: Special Needs Awareness Day

The Meridian Ghana Conference will hold a Special Needs Awareness Day on 22nd April, 2017

April 15: World Impact Day

World Impact Day will be held on 15th April, 2017

April 13 – 16: Family Conference – Doryumu

Meridian Ghana Conference will hold a Family Conference at Doryumu from 13th to 16th April, 2017.

President's #WeeklyMessage

"Jesus took the nature of humanity, in order to reveal to man a pure, unselfish love, to teach us how to love one another."
(Heaven, pg. 74) ~ Pr. Dr. Oheneba Odei Agyei

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